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In accordance with data provided by Middle East Mining and Mining Industry Development and Innovation Committee,the Northeast area of Middle East copper reserves of about 2.6 billion tons, accounting for 4% of the world's total reserves,75% of total middle east copper reserves,China as BurjAE Energy DMCC main selling market,the import consumption is 36.9% of total world copper consumption per year.The basic foundation of copper concentrate business is its superior geographical location that the hub of world trade center.

The copper content in Middle east is stable,normally between 20%-30%.The good content along with low cost.Won alot of copper smelter’s intend.As it is one of the typical commodity product trading .The price effected by the international metal pricing.Even through the facts coming from economic,market product supply demand,the other Attributes come up such as trading financing ,risk control product etc base on its mature international trading model

At moment,Most of the copper concentrate transaction is annual contract in Middle east market,few transactions base on spot.BurjAE Energy DMCC built up a very strong and stable business relationship with local copper concentrate producers.We are rich of copper concentrate international knowledge,full of experience,professional team,no matter you are trader or strong background invest partners,we always server you high quality and effective solution ,to be your best satisfied cooperate partner.