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Methanol ,Methyl alcohol ,CH3OH or MeOH

From the best oil and gas refineries in the world, Burjae Energy DMCC sources its methanol to supply to its customers world-wide. Methanol, also known as methyl alcohol among others, is a chemical with the formula CH3OH (often abbreviated MeOH). Our methanol is tasted and approved before its supplied to the market. The largest use for our methanol is as a feedstock for the plastics industry.  It is used to make methanol and hence a variety of plastics, based on reactions with phenol, carbamide (urea) and melamine. Polymers such as the polyesters (e.g. Terylene) and poly(methyl-2-methylpropenoate) (e.g. Perspex) use methanol as the original feedstock.  Methanol is now the principal source for the manufacture of ethanoic acid.

The purity of our methanol is min 99.9% and our minimal quantity order is 20,000MT+/-5% loaded from any Middle East safe port to any safe port around the world. Our preferred Payment terms are 40% advance payment and 60% against documents. Our delivery terms are CFR CMP= (average of midpoint as quoted in ICIS LOR and plats for three weeks around BL date (the week before BL date, the week after BL date, the week of BL date)plus alpha a week as deemed to run from MONDAY to SUNDAY

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