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Methanol ,Methyl alcohol ,CH3OH or MeOH

The largest use for methanol is as a feedstock for the plastics industry.  It is used to make methanal and hence a variety of plastics, based on reactions with phenol, carbamide (urea) and melamine.Polymers such as the polyesters (e.g. Terylene) and poly(methyl-2-methylpropenoate) (e.g. Perspex) use methanol as the original feedstock.  Methanol is now the principal source for the manufacture of ethanoic acid.

While our methanol offer terms are:

Product:Methanol ,purity min 99.9%

Quantity Order;20,000MT+/-5%

Loading port:Middle East safe port

Payment terms:40% advance payment,60% against documents

Price:CFR CMP=(average of midpoint as quoted in ICIS LOR and plats for three weeks around BL date(the week before BL date,the week after BL date ,the week of BL date)plus alpha a week is deemed to run from MONDAY to SUNDAY

See  specification

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