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Bitumen all grades bulk or steel drums offer

With a great experience in bitumen trading, Burjae Energy DMCC has taken strides in supply of all grades of Bitumen from the best Bitumen refineries like Passargad and Jey. We trade in grades such as 40/50,60/70.85/100, VG10, VG20,VG30 and modified bitumen MC30, MC250, MC3000 etc. Burjae Energy DMCC has occupied a certain share of international market due to yearly experience. Especially, we provide many kinds of flexible trading plans when we are working with China state-owned large and medium-sized construction enterprise, construction engineering company in overseas both for main contractor and subcontractor.

Relying on the well-known of local culture and policy, the high professional knowledge of products and well-experienced team of Burjae, bitumen trade has become one of our most completed and competitive business products.


We are sensitive to the Middle East bitumen industrial market trend, no matter on mainstream refinery production planning, maintenance planning, product features or the fluctuation in the international market, the crude oil trading trend and macro factor in economic level, all in our analysis of bitumen industrial market assessment.

According to the different order, we will make the whole processing management plan, from sample testing in laboratory, production process supervision and transportation security to sample quality spot check in batch. We will take advantage of our professional experience to make up for the inadequacy of the manufacturer, to ensure a stable supplying, standard quality and proper price thus to lower the impact of this material to minimum on project process.

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