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  • Toluene diisocyanate (TDI)

    TDI 80.20 Toluene DiisoCyanate It’s principally used for... See details
  • MDI

    MDI is the standard abbreviation for methylene diphenyl ... See details
  • Polyols

    Polyols are compounds with multiple hydroxylfunctional g... See details
  • Silicone

    Thisis a high efficiency Silicone -Polyol block co polym... See details
  • Stannous Octoate

    Gel Catalyst is a compound of tin. Produced by the rea... See details
  • Amine catalyst

    Tertiary amines are the most commonly used flexible poly... See details
  • PU colors

    Colorpastes are used for coloring polyether polyurethane... See details

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