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Burjae energy as a comprehensive, integrated commodity trader, provides flexible business service for different types of suppliers, customers in different areas and different products.
Starting from the customer's supply demand analysis, we can provide the service areas including: supplier and customers credit discrimination, the product of economy, the establishment of trade framework,  negotiations of the trading solution, trade solutions risk control of trade, trade finance, contract execution, warehouse and logistics solutions support, etc.;
We convey competitiveness for the important part of the commodity trade by an international perspective, the standard of process, rich experience in actual combat.

  • Strategy

We real-timely grasp the trend of the international energy, financial trends, geopolitical trends.

We deeply analysis the customers’ requirements and make full use of the geographical advantages of energy supply in the Middle East to solve the problem of "how to buy" for the clients.

  • Trade solutions project

Based on international trade law, we design the whole trade solutions suitable for clients’ demand.

For trade solutions of spot,negotiation framework establishment of futures trade solutions , negotiation solutions design and the assistance in execution, trade finance, hedging, maintenance, etc.,we develop a comprehensive overall operation.

  • Trade solutions fall to the ground

According to the establishment of the trade framework, we carry out the overall operation to achieve the security of a trade, supply stability, effectiveness of execution.

  • Trade plan follow-up service

According to one successful trading, we will continue to optimize the process with customers, suppliers, middlemen to realize the follow-up customer demand.

  • Professional team training

To cultivate the professional team for the clients, we will carry out high-quality docking services, and assist customers to set up the core competitiveness of subsequent growth.

The content of service:
The product analysis
Barriers to the trade environment and analysis
Trade solution architecture
Designation and execution of trade negotiations
Trade contract and legal service
Trade financing solution
Trade execution
Supply chain management
Logistics and warehouse solutions