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There is a big range of Petrochemical raw material that was born as one of the branch filed of petroleum,all is highly professional filed like from common plastic products in food grade to engineering plastic products.

We seen Saudi’s strong petrochemical base today ,the leading enterprise SABIC is the typical enterprise .There are more and more petrochemical enterprise come up as the oil industrial developing such as Tasnee,Borouge,Basell,Marlex,Laban etc.

No matter the developing countries or developed countries ,there is a nature demand need anytime since the plastic polymers relate to the national economy and the basic industry.BurjAE realize that and become more and more effective play the bridge role between producer and end user.We notice different inquiry clients form different industrial filed has less knowledge about raw material sourcing and marketing going even the products basic feature.

We are rich of management experience,professional knowledge.Our value is now we are supporting small or medium companies to get raw material more effective with low cost.To play well the chase of petrochemical raw material in the market ,there is high level demand for our self like professional knowledge,management ability,the analysis of complicate demand.To  adapt the market trend,BurjAE Energy DMCC fully use its advantage of E-commerce,with non stopping test in different E commerce.We remain get the chance from thousands kind of raw materials since BurjAE’s leading icloud management platform and cooperation of market analysis platform.

Between material science and daily life,we are a bridge to solve the problems and information asymmetry,keep moving.Present value.